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any non-traditional item used in a pinch to successfully scoop and dispose of dog feces.
When the dog pooped in front of that cop, its a good thing I had on that shirt your Grandmother gave me for Christmas, it was quite the super duper pooper scooper! Other examples would be newspaper, CD case, a sock, etc.
by tomjr March 06, 2006
Anything that is "super", especially when it's also "duper".

The "pooper scooper" part is added both for extra "superness" and "duperness" and for just being plain silly or to make someone who has never heard the phrase before laugh like a silly little mermaid or guffaw their bollocks off.
"Wow, have you heard the Chemical Brothers' latest single? It's, like, so damn catchy. Like, super duper pooper scooper catchy."
by Turtleboy3000 September 19, 2016
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