what people do to inhance the speed/handeling of there vehicles on the street.
hey man didn't you say you'd supe up that moped some day?

hey i just suped up the motor on my moped so it flys now
by frankey August 01, 2003
shortened version of superior, used to describe anything that is cool or awesome.
That new album is supe. It is so much better than their last album.
by sazmatic July 11, 2006
1. posessing or retaining horrid qualities from the era between January 1980 and December 1989

2. that which is described as overly and disgracefully neon, eccentric, wild, etc. which has the likeness of something from the 1980s period
1. That chick with the teased hair and pink ripped sweatshirt was too supe for me.

2. I was expecting a good mix, but all I heard was supe hits like Sister Christian, Too Shy, and Mexican Radio.
by Dirty Dick February 23, 2004
Short form of Superman. Often used by comic book writers.
That was a nice issue of Supes I just read.
by pentozali March 09, 2008
Short for super. Abbreviated the same way homes is for homie.

Awesome, neat, cool, great

NEVER used as an adjective in front of a noun:
WRONG: What a supes hat!

RIGHT: We're going to the movie tomorrow? Supes!
by jil April 18, 2004
A shortened version of super. Can be used in any situation.
Jeremy-"Dude we just got a three foot bong."
Andrew-"What?!? that's supes legit!"
Taylor-"Hey mann we're playin pong in my room tonight. Beers on me"
Jordan-"Ahh man now I'm supes excited to play"
by White T Ain't No Nigga Like Me December 23, 2009

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