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adj.- extremly new and hip. confidently attractive. Sporting new style
Whoah, look at Brendan with those new shoes and hot throwback. He's looking supafly
by Brendan aka Benj June 05, 2004
A term used to describe someone who's really cool or good-looking. Also see sexy.
Damn, that guy's supafly!
by lowalee September 19, 2003
A woman who is extremely beautiful
You that chick was supa fly when she bounced that badunkadunk through the room
by A K Weikle November 30, 2005
Supa Fly is a term for high, the state one becomes after smoking pot. This term comes from Portland Oregon, although I have heard it in Seattle.
Supa Fly can also be used as cool, although this is rarely used anymore.
After I smoked that dime bag, I was sooo supa fly I could barely walk.
by Shu February 25, 2005
The term used to describe Matthew L.
Chick 1: Damn hes supafly
Chick 2: Who is that?
Chick 1: That's Matthew!
Chick 2: Your right he is SUPAFLY!!!
by lonestar June 07, 2004