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to show respect to someone that is one of the best in the world at what he does. to admire his genitalia and respect him as a person. to give the son of a bitch all ur money and ur wife give him ur jewlery anything that is worth money cos this guy is a pure rapist that loves a bit of sniff ya no what im sayin?
Geezer numero 1 : Hold tite the SupaBeef man be merkin up the jungle scene with his lovepiece brap homeboy ya get me?

Geezer numero 2 : yes blud keepin it fresh hold tite the labour party john major is a battyman he will never be SupaBeef braaaap

Geezer numero 3 : yes yes blad i just bum fucked my wife that slag aint gunna be able to walk or shit for a week at least ya get me?

Geezer numero 1 : Shut ya mouth ya rudeboi u dont have a wife and u definetly wont get to fuck a lass up the arse cos ya dont have a willy ive seen ya naked when ya were asleep i checked ya out ur about half a inch wasteman go fuck a duck hold tite geoff shreeves.
by Sadjid Ashwar January 21, 2008