(abbr.) What's up? How are you? -- see sup yo
Sup guy..
by Prof. Cyril Neume November 23, 2002
1. noun: a person that barks like a dog and is butt-ugly; a hideous stalker

2. Saying hi to someone in a teenage way
1. When Ella was calling Maria 24/7 and standing outside her house waiting for her to come out, Marie called out, "Go away, Sup!"

2. Homie: Sup dawg?
Homieee: Nothin man, how bout u?
by HahaiAMsohillarioussss27love March 26, 2009
"What is up" you just take out 'what' and the 'i' in 'is'. Basically used by lazy teens.
Dude: sup, Erika
Me: yo
by They call me thriller December 04, 2005
n. adj. "sup"

1. Short for "what's up"
sup, josh, how you doin?
by shaggy March 03, 2005
meaning "to take supper"
sup (short for, why don't you take supper?)
by Neil January 12, 2005
used on Instant Messengers as 'what's up' as in a greeting, also used as a meaning of cool
dude: sup
guy: doing nething?

dude: look at that sup guy chatting up the Blonde
by lucozadedude August 08, 2005
what you use to say hi like when ur meet ur freind you greet them with sup
gurkirat said sup to artheez
by pritesh April 26, 2005

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