The white snail trail left on the inside of a woman’s panties
When spending your first night at your boyfriends, remember to turn your panties over before you go to bed…you don’t want leave them "Sunny Side Up"
by anallgirl August 30, 2009
Top Definition
Sunnyside up is intentionally NOT flushing the toilet and leaving a massive turd and toilet paper with the poop smear side facing up.This is done to irritate your significant other or to achieve that trendy "gas station restroom" ambience for your own bathroom.
Wife: "You nasty,gross bastard! You didn't flush the toilet and you left the toilet paper sunnyside up."
by wolfbait51 February 25, 2011
Whenever someone finishes taking a shit and decides to lazily leave their toilet paper in the trash can, but in this case the person leaves the toilet paper with the shitty side facing upwards for all to bask in its glory.
I enjoy leaving my toilet paper sunny side-up so that my brother can see my shit stains daily.
by yurkinmegurkin June 15, 2009
a word used to reference to blow job. especially when unwanted ears are around.
"so I heard you're thinking about giving Austin sunny side up for Christmas..."
by loco mocooooo December 13, 2008
Like a sunny side up egg, the person's skin is white on the outside and has a personality of an Asian (yellow) on the inside.
"That girl is sunnyside up, she hangs out with the Asian studs but her skin is white."
by SunnySide Up March 17, 2014
A loose saggy "oldish" ball sac that spreads out and resembles eggs cooked sunnyside up style.
"His old-ass balls were sunnyside up, yo!"
by Jessthea September 20, 2007
When you are fucking a chick with big tits from behind and you pull her tits up between her armpits and sides making her nipples face the ceiling. The harder you pound her from behind, the more they jiggle around like eggs in a skillet.
I gave my woman the sunny side up last night. This morning she was hung over so it was more like a tequila sunrise.
by Big Frosty May 14, 2016
ADJ: 1. To leave your underwear on the floor inside out after a hard ;) day at work while obvious sticky discharge is present.

2. To evacuate from your jeans and leave your underwear still in them.

"Hey babe, you left your panties sunnyside up in my room."
by NikDor July 28, 2008
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