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A person or a monster that owns in Counter-Strike and shouldn't be allowed to play vs 3D cause he rapes them.
zEx|sunman <summy> knifed 3D|Ksharp <Miller>.


by Anonymous June 19, 2003
a person who had xray vision sugericly put into their eyes to be able to see through walls at all times.
Oh my god how did you see me getting dressed? you pulled a sunman
by Bandork June 30, 2003
The Town where the mexicans, wiggers, whores and cool people hang together. Also a very popular place in which marijuana, heroin, codeine, and even occasionally cocaine are sold for great prices. Marijuana is even grown just outside the town in some places.
We was trippin through Sunman an on some dank ass shit we got off Paco Taco for 3 bucks a gram.
by BeckyBD January 18, 2011
one of da best c-s players in da world , dat has natural haxs of his own
w t f ???
by headache November 08, 2003
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