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to insert all five fingers into the vagina and then open them up 'like a sunflower'.

He sunflowered her.
by turnips November 20, 2008
for a male to insert their entire fist into the vagina, then open the hand, so the fingers are spread out; resembling a sun flower.
i gave her a sun flower last night, she screamed!
by BlowJobQueen July 24, 2006
1: When a hand is inserted into a vagina and opened like a sunflower

2: A flower

3: A derogatory name for a pontiac sunfire
Sick sunflower bro, your sisters car?

Dave: So did you go all the way with that girl last night
Nick:Yeah, I sunflowered her right in the cunt
Dave:Cool bro.
by pseudonyminimuer February 23, 2012
Someone who is pale and has freckles that doesn't have red hair.
She has the appearance of a ginger but she is a sunflower.
by Annakate57 March 03, 2009
When you throw up but your not near a trashcan or toilet so you put your hand over your mouth and it goes everywhere
I sunflowered all over everyone last night, it was fuckin awesome
by oval spew March 25, 2014
A beautiful, young girl. Who is also a bitch at times.
How are you sunflower
by anneee June 07, 2014
When you put your hand over your mouth when you're about to vomit, and it spews through your fingers in ten directions spraying everyone in the room with your nasty stomach juice.
After drinking to much, bob started to vomit. Trying to stop the unstoppable, he covered his mouth and sunflowered on everyone in the bar
by that one not tall guy March 30, 2011

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