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wen u put ur fist in da others cunt nd open your hand up like a sunflower
your mum
by skippy the cockney kageroo April 26, 2003
to insert all five fingers into the vagina and then open them up 'like a sunflower'.

He sunflowered her.
by turnips November 20, 2008
Someone who is pale and has freckles that doesn't have red hair.
She has the appearance of a ginger but she is a sunflower.
by Annakate57 March 03, 2009
1: When a hand is inserted into a vagina and opened like a sunflower

2: A flower

3: A derogatory name for a pontiac sunfire
Sick sunflower bro, your sisters car?

Dave: So did you go all the way with that girl last night
Nick:Yeah, I sunflowered her right in the cunt
Dave:Cool bro.
by pseudonyminimuer February 23, 2012
for a male to insert their entire fist into the vagina, then open the hand, so the fingers are spread out; resembling a sun flower.
i gave her a sun flower last night, she screamed!
by BlowJobQueen July 24, 2006
A beautiful, young girl. Who is also a bitch at times.
How are you sunflower
by anneee June 07, 2014
When you throw up but your not near a trashcan or toilet so you put your hand over your mouth and it goes everywhere
I sunflowered all over everyone last night, it was fuckin awesome
by oval spew March 25, 2014