When you put your hand over your mouth when you're about to vomit, and it spews through your fingers in ten directions spraying everyone in the room with your nasty stomach juice.
After drinking to much, bob started to vomit. Trying to stop the unstoppable, he covered his mouth and sunflowered on everyone in the bar
by that one not tall guy March 30, 2011
Someone who still believe that a social ladder exists in High School and blindly follows whom they believe to be popular. They will act as if the ones they are following are superior compared to others. These sunflowers aren't considered on the same "social level" as the people they are following.

A reference to how sunflowers blindly turn towards the direction of the sun.
(Person A is the sunflower)

Example 1:

Person B: "Hey you want to hang out with us on Friday?"
Person A: "Oh sorry, I'm hanging out with the group."

Example 2:

Person A: "Oh look at Person C! She looks so awesome with her new outfit! I think I'll start buying clothes from where she buys them!"
by The Scene March 21, 2012
the combination of "a guy's nipple surrounded by hairs."
similar to the flower in the sense there is a circle with extensions surrounding it.

if a guy has no chest hair, or in other areas that do not surround the nipples, then he does not have sunflowers.
Those sunflowers on him are sexy.
by dragonwatcher February 27, 2010
Someone who is of Asian descent but is more in touch with African-American/Black culture or acts "Black," aka Black on the inside. In contrasting skin color versus identity it fits: Yellow on the outside, Black on the inside, like a Sunflower.
Ms. Info, the radio DJ on Hot 97 is a cute lil Sunflower - I wonder if she supports Jin tha MC?
by Kaje Ki December 16, 2009
Slang term for the Chevrolet Sunfire.
*Store manager comes out* "Well boys, this is sure a nice sunflower arrangement we have here.... Now how about you all get the fuck off my property?
by Jordan Langille May 06, 2007
1. Noun, a flower indigenous to plains biomes that is given it's name for having pedals that resemble the Sun. It is believed that they slowly turn toward the Sun during daylight hours.
2. Noun, a plant from the game "Plants vs. Zombies" that resembles the first definition, but has a face. It costs 50 sun with a fast recharge and it produces 25 sun about every 40 seconds, and 50 sun in the sequel.
1. As soon as I found the field of Sunflowers, I began to harvest their seeds.
2. As soon as the level began, I spent my 50 starter sun on a Sunflower so I can produce more.
by megasonic64 May 14, 2016
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