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The process by which one engages in multiple instances of sunflowering simultaneously. Due to the somewhat ambiguous nature of the phrase, either the recipient or the executor may legitimately be referred to as the 'sunflower fielder'. Note that although the female is the more accessible candidate for the eager practitioner (due to the prospect of synchronised anal-vaginal fisting), the pliant male may desire that he be sunflower fielded at the culmination of an anal double fisting session.
Jimmy: "Bollocking cuntfish! What have you done to me!?"
Jimmy's Mum: "Jimmy! Watch your language!"
Jimmy: "Sorry Mum. But how ought I to refer to the small supernovas of delight exploding sheer radiant pleasure throughout my taut frame?"
Jimmy's Mum: "Well Jimmy, as I tentatively unfurl both fists deep within your rectal passage, I share with you the boundless eroticism of sunflower fielding. Your sister is an avid convert."
Jimmy: "Cor blimey Mum, this really is the greatest birthday ever..!"
by Jimmy's Sister February 24, 2008
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