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Cloths of heaven / Paradise
When Adams and HAWA ware in heaven, they use to wear cloths called Sundas.
by HAMMAD September 12, 2006
1. An amazing, kind, loving, loyal, and overall fabulous person. Has many friends and is loved by everyone.

2. Downright awesome.

3. Someone who is very intelligent or smart.

4. All of the above
Stranger 1: Were you just talking to Sundas?
Stranger 2: Yeah! She's awesome!
Stranger 1: I'm jealous man!

Stranger 1: Hey, what's the square root of 69?
Stranger 2: 8.306623862918075
Stranger 1: Woah! You're so Sundas!
by YouWillNeverKnow>:) August 19, 2011
The South Asian definition of feces and anal wastage, aka POOP
"I took a giant sundas in George Bush's mouth"
by Lund Patel March 01, 2009
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