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sum1 hus killed out da baby oil on holiday n probly spent bout 10 hours a day sun bathin, therefore now looks like a tomato. But instead of hidin it they wear their tomato head wit pride - coz they fink they look sun kissed - wen they jus look like they bin smacked by da sun! hence - "sun smacked!
check the heat comin from er face! she bin SUN SMACKED!!
by nifeli January 05, 2005
4 11

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When a male/female (usually a pale Caucasian who burns easily) has severe sun burn on his/her skin so instead of looking like the sun gently kissed them (sun kissed) he/she look like the sun smacked him/her in the face.
After spending 8 hours in the sun yesterday without sun screen it looks like Melanie is sun smacked.
by ouchhhhhh June 16, 2009
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