a very cute bear that loves to cuddle! they are also the smallest of the bear family
oh hey look ! a cute sun bear to cuddle with!
by sunbearlover October 09, 2010
Little hats that have little bear faces and ears and radiate and make people around the sunbear smile a lot and print pictures and poems about sunbear. Also, it's a lifestyle, incorporated with F.U.N. (also a lifestyle), many are familiar with.
If you go to the Sequoias, there are many bears that we must beware of. Sunbear is the kind you're seeking to cuddle/ make love with. day in day out.
by meowzedong July 26, 2009
An animal with a large smiley-face-like crescent on the chest. It has very long, scary claws and a tongue like a giraffe.
Girl 1: Oh my goodness! What is that thing? I've never seen a bear with a smiley face on its chest before! Look at those claws!

Girl 2: Oh, that's a Sunbear.
by vulcanbear August 10, 2010

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