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Japanese martial art, now a national sport
Sumo wrestlers average 150kg with their light "pushes".
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
A Heavy-set, fat, obese, or otherwise large kid of Asian descent.
Hey where is Chang?

Oh, he stepped away to pick out a cupcake. You know how "Sumo" needs to feed his buddha often. He should be back momentarily.
by Canannan March 23, 2011
The sumo is considered to be the Japanese national sport, and it is the sports of the Japanese origin which is performed globally. For a professional competition, performance is performed in form called the Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan.

Originally, not sports, it was an act of God that a man with the power gave the power to in in front of God. Therefore manners to show respect for God are made much of.

Because they compete for the superiority and inferiority only with the body of the contestant without using a tool in a nude body, it is the competition of the wrestling system, and, for the system of sports, it is transcribed in the English with "Sumo-Wrestling".

We call the competition of the martial art to grapple together sumo generally in Japan. There are arm wrestling, leg wrestling, finger wrestling for an example.
Asasyoryu is the strongest sumo wrestler now.
by makoto0631 June 29, 2007
Sumo acts as a variable in the Slang English language system. At times sumo means Yes and at other times it means No. The word Sumo is created to minimize the potential awkwardness and confusion in the conversation, if you are not sure what to say, just say sumo and the other person will continue talking and then you will better know what he is trying to say. It mostly depends on how the reader wants to interpret it. It is also used to show emotions and to send a secret reconsideration.

In the following example.
Person 1: What makes you think that I lied to him? How can you even think that way? I cannot believe you...

Person 2: (He does not know what to say) Sumo dear sumo.

Person 1: I knew you didn't think that way. I am so hurt, help me. (Hugs)

The meaning of sumo depends on how the other person want to interpret it.
by coldplay_parli January 21, 2013
Someone who goes to mcdonalds twice a day.
"Woah did you see Bob yesterday?"
"Yeah, he is such a sumo! He's such a sumo he has 5 chins"

"You know when you've been sumoed when you weigh more than 100 kilos."
by Frankiedoodles May 30, 2009
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