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Refers to a prostitute in Kannada. Same as petromax and dagar. Also spelt as soole.
Nan magane suLe sahavasa beda.
by nitboss March 10, 2005
25 26
Sule lives in the crib with his computer, as he's a geek.
He doesn't sleep because he's too busy sitting on Iron Man aka Aion.
He's also caring guy that has a Nigerian Sun tan ;]
C.M: Hey Sule wanna go on imvu?
Sule:No i'm on Aion.
C.M: Oh..
by Your Bitch xD August 15, 2010
33 18
A room with lot of computers and various geeks.
X: "Hey lets go to Sule."
Y: "No, didn't you know that there's only idiots there?!"

X: "Do you know where Charlito is?"
Y: "Try Sule."
by Best i Ball February 03, 2010
16 12
Undoubtedly, equivocally a goddess.
Sulé embodies perfection in every aspect of life. She has a natural radiance and a scintillating personality.
by a-non-mouse September 06, 2011
3 1