a sikh indian name which was used by russell peters in outsourced to mean 'suck deep'
Me: hey sukhdeep, do you sukhdeep?

Sukhdeep : I do sukhdeep but i hate it
by antimason June 14, 2008
peaceful light ,cool ,serene , awesome,good,relax
man that view is so sukhdeep .
by sukhi October 06, 2006
the view is so sukhdeep.I feel so sukhdeep.
by sukhi October 06, 2006
to kiss someone even when they are in a relationship
i sukhdeeped her even though she was with her boyfriend but i think that she may have given me herpes cause she sleeps around
by Dee3 June 04, 2008
A big jucie piece of shit
I just took a Sukhdeep
by playa7557 April 12, 2006

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