A party in the eyes and ears of the uninvited schmuck next door. Especially if the party is a source of annoyance to that person.
I'm so sick of my upstairs neighbor's suisares. This is an apartment building, not a college dorm!
by suisare crasher September 21, 2004
Top Definition
A party thrown by a neighbor who didn't invite you.
What? You didn't invite me to your suisare? Fuck you!
by suisare crasher December 01, 2003
A common reason for calls to the police.
I had to call the cops because my douchebag neighbor's suisare kept me up all night, and I had to work the next morning.
by annoyed neighbor December 17, 2003
A party or informal gathering near one's home when that person is not invited. From suis, to be alone, and (open) air (celebration), i.e. to be alone in a crowd.
The block party is on the next block where I don't live, so it's one big suisare.
by suisare endurer March 13, 2004
A party to which one was not invited. See suisoiree for explanation.
Suisares can be annoying.
by hondo June 18, 2005
A party thrown by a friend or acquaintence who would have normally invited you, but didn't for some unexplained reason.
His friend's suisare was more than my depressed brother could take, so he committed suisare suicide.
by Suicidal Suisare Endurer July 27, 2004
To exclude someone from one's party, or any experience that person would enjoy being partaking in.
My co-workers snuck off to lunch without me when I left the room for a second, and suisared me.
by suisaree January 25, 2005
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