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someone that has a sexy body but has a ugly face.
that guy is so sugly..
by pennie May 30, 2005
As ugly as Thomas Jeffrey Surridge. A real unfortunate case of the uggo.
Man that chick was Sugly!
#sugly #ugly #uggo #pugly #fugly
by surridge July 23, 2011
Someone who is sexy and ugly at the same time.
Lady Ga Ga is sugly.
#fugly #sexy #ugly #hot #seugly
by Sugly February 27, 2010
meaning someone with an ugly face like gahd damn bitch no one would date you or eva look at you but the body of the person is soooo sexy, so so sexy and yummy!
word could be for both men and women
Boy look at this sugly chick, would ya fuck or not?
Hmmm.. id fuck her but.. she sugly.
by GabsLags May 14, 2016
The ugly face people instinctively pull when they look at/into the sun.
Girl: That would have been a good photo if we weren't sugly.

Girl 2: That's my normal face

Girl: Oh god.
#ugly #sugly #fugly #uggers #sun
by cremefraiche93 May 26, 2012

1. Goes to bed early
2. Complains to mommy
3. Doesnt know how to apologize
4. Is a baby
5. Is an official member of the asss club
6. Is a buttshit and a dumbass
7. Looks like a prisoner
8. Can't take a joke
9. Cries about everything
10. Can't keep a secret
11. Doesnt say bye
12. All in all is an "AWESOME" person(:
Boy: I'm going to sleep now
Girl: Dude, its like 6:30, you're such a sugly
#ugly #book #brain #funny #hurt
by napsarefun March 25, 2010
super ugly person thats also hungry
look over there !
right next to that garbage dumpster eating old food! ..
that looks like sandra..
no way i never thought she would be that sugly..
well she is.
quick lets runaway before she eats us
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa****running away****aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
#fugly #ugly #bugly #chugly #vugly
by stupid2 August 31, 2007
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