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One who (although blatantly loaded) doesn't buy a round of drinks when its their turn.
what a total Suggs! Took part in every round and then pissed off when it was his turn!
by hossydossy June 05, 2011
1 3
1.) God.
2.) Singer of 80's ska band "Madness"
3.) The man who happens to have the sexiest voice in the entire universe.

see also suggs mcpherson and/or graham mcpherson
"Give me a couple minutes. I need to do my nightly praying to Suggs."
"Did you try ebay? They have tons of Suggs singles up."
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
51 31
a term similar to what's up, but with Pro Bowl OLB/DE Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens/former Arizona State University Sun Devil) last name in place of "up".
"whats suggs?"
"nothing jus chillin, whats suggs witchu?"

"whats suggs for tonight?"
by sizunny April 21, 2008
22 6
To sugg means you are giving someone a second hug.
Watch out for that chick, she likes to sugg people! Or: Awww come here and give me a sugg!
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
16 3
A girl who leads guys on
Yo, we got a bit of a suggs...
by amber189620 January 28, 2011
9 8
A greasy black man with nappy hair and saggy pants. Preferably with a fro, but cornrows are nice as well.
What's up suggs?
by charles876 February 26, 2009
6 8
Pretty much used in the same context as "Cunt"
I was out with Smithy the other day and he dropped my do dah down the lavvy when he was trying to rack one up. He's such a suggs !
by Brendan Patrick Rogers April 02, 2008
8 13