sick and ugly! together! YUCK! you are just describing some really nasty lookin person
dood that guy is sugg!

yeah i know.. sick! look at his acne!
#fuggly #beautiful #icky #sickly #ugly
by M.A.O. December 04, 2005
Top Definition
1.) God.
2.) Singer of 80's ska band "Madness"
3.) The man who happens to have the sexiest voice in the entire universe.

see also suggs mcpherson and/or graham mcpherson
"Give me a couple minutes. I need to do my nightly praying to Suggs."
"Did you try ebay? They have tons of Suggs singles up."
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
a term similar to what's up, but with Pro Bowl OLB/DE Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens/former Arizona State University Sun Devil) last name in place of "up".
"whats suggs?"
"nothing jus chillin, whats suggs witchu?"

"whats suggs for tonight?"
#whats up #whats suggs #suggs #sizzle #ravens
by sizunny April 21, 2008
To sugg means you are giving someone a second hug.
Watch out for that chick, she likes to sugg people! Or: Awww come here and give me a sugg!
#hug #second #twice #chick #love
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
A greasy black man with nappy hair and saggy pants. Preferably with a fro, but cornrows are nice as well.
What's up suggs?
#black #booty #nigger #negro #african american #colored
by charles876 February 26, 2009
A girl who leads guys on
Yo, we got a bit of a suggs...
#suggs #suggy #girl who leads guy on #ugly girl #sugs suggz
by amber189620 January 28, 2011
One who (although blatantly loaded) doesn't buy a round of drinks when its their turn.
what a total Suggs! Took part in every round and then pissed off when it was his turn!
#suggs #stingy #bawbag #drinks #boooooooo
by hossydossy June 05, 2011
Pretty much used in the same context as "Cunt"
I was out with Smithy the other day and he dropped my do dah down the lavvy when he was trying to rack one up. He's such a suggs !
#wanker #dickhead #twat #fucknut #arsehole
by Brendan Patrick Rogers April 02, 2008
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