a fat, bitchy, white lady on a super scooter who doesn't really need one
-Dude, remember all the sugar loafs in Disney World?
-Yeah, those fat bitches should get the hell up and walk.
by fat whore ass bitch April 02, 2010
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1. \'shu-ger lof\ n.: fecal matter produced exclusively by humans during the day following Halloween.
This year's candy haul is incredable; Yum! I'm already dreading the sugarloaf!
by Lois XIV April 01, 2010
An ancient measure used in Europe to sell imported brown sugar similarly shaped as bread loafs.
The famed mountain in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil received this name from early explorers as having the same shape as sugar loafs.
Dutchmen sold sugar as a sugar loaf.
by Jaybona October 11, 2009
That is the ultimate beautiful rock in the world,
What can i see in Brazil?
- you can go to the sugar loaf, only 15 dollars and you will have an eternal memory!
by pablo bvs September 10, 2006
you just got tricked by mike, travis, and jjjjon
i really sugar loafed your mom last night
by travimikelon January 02, 2008
Euphemism for poop. A dookie.
I have to go make a sugarloaf.
by Nestor Beanwich January 01, 2005
When a man ejaculates on a girl's face while she is taking a dump.
My girlfriend wanted to spice up her time in the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet when I got out of the shower, so I gave her a good sugarloaf.

Sugarloaf sweetening up your most stinky moments.
by Parrothead20 August 16, 2009

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