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the best damn munchies in the world available in the uk
man i had a serious case of the munchies i had like 6 bowls of sugar puffs
by jo March 31, 2004
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a homosexual man completely made from sugar.
you can't get many of these sugar puffs in your breakfast bowl!
by harray shipmonay March 21, 2008
1. Sugar Puffs is a honey flavoured breakfast cereal made from sugar coated wheat that is sold in the United Kingdom. For many years it was made by the Quaker Oats Company but in 2006 it was sold to Big Bear t/a Honey Monster Foods, based in Leicester.

2. A diabetic.
Martin : I got some nice chocolate bars for your kids.
Greg: Thanks! That was very thoughtful of you, I'll share them between Alice and John, little Barry can't have any though as he has to watch his bloods, he's a sugar puff.
by Nick Flanagan November 02, 2010
Is to turn something inside out. Usually a bag or a pencil case.
I sugarpuffed Chris's bag
by sexzjosh February 04, 2010
Another name for emo
Guy 1: 'hey that dude is such a sugarpuff'
Guy 2: ' wtf are you on about'
Guy 1: 'i dunno just a phrase for Emo that science boy came up with'
Guy 2'Oh kwl, hehe what a lame ass sugarpuff'
by David Dale January 21, 2007

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