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An underrated band that combines elements of death and grind, yielding a genre called 'brutal death metal.' You may be able to tell by the genre name, but if you listen to their shit, it's pretty fucking heavy. Another example of why Relapse is one of the best damn labels the metal genre has ever seen. (See also Nile, Mastodon, Nasum and Pig Destroyer)
I was going to listen to Suffocation tonight, but I realized I was wearing new pants, and I didn't want to shit in them like I usually do when I listen to said band.
by hermanator05 January 07, 2005
1. An underated veteran death metal band from New York formed in the late 80's. They make techincal and brutal, with elements of grindcore, and speed metal fathering a new subgenre.

2. The best death metal band ever.
Suffocation released Effigy of the Forgotten in 1991.
by vilescamp March 16, 2004
The first death metal act and possible first metal act to feature niggers. One is a guitarist who has mastered the art of "Shred that thang like ya life depends on it" and the other is blackbelt in "Beat those drums like a dick"
"Did you hear about Suffocation? Their new album will be called AwesomeFuckingCool."

"I hope Suffocation still has those two niggers. Cant no one play like them."
by starbattle226 November 29, 2011

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