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Ancient Japanese form of ritualistic suicide when they are dishonored, most commonly by sword.
After his father-san saw the boy disgraced by being called a comedian, he was forced to commit sudoku.
by Wafflociraptor May 11, 2014
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A Japense puzzle that can be solved through logic and reasoning. It is a 9x9 square broken up into 3x3 regions and each region, row, and column must all have 1-9 within them. A number cannot be repeated within a region, row, or column; or it will not work. There is usuly about 27 of the 81 numbers given to you to get you started. The abundancey of how many of each number and where those number are placed, creates the difficulty of the puzzle.
Sudoku is very, very, very addicting and challenging and also mentaly healthy, but not as healthy as sex!!!
by SudoMaster...da Woman! November 07, 2005
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a girl so complicated to put up with, that you never wish you got her number.
Is Chris still dating that sudoku?


Damn, Chris' bitch is a sudoku!
by Maciej N August 06, 2007
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A lad's holiday pre-lash up ritual of heading back to the hotel room whilst everyone is poolside for some "slapping of the ham" before a big night out.
B: "I feel like I got sunstroke lads. I'm just going back to the hotel room to play some Sudoku."

(walking into the hotel room)

D: "B, what're you doing?!"

B: "I'm playing Sudoku! I swear!"
by Pablo Cheeps September 11, 2011
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