said Suday or sudie or sooooddeeeeee
the word is equivalant to puma, tennis, and sleep
reflexes of a puma
plays tennis almost 24/7
and sleeps when he doesn't play tennis
"SUDAY" "here"

"Suday get off those games before i break your laptop over your head"

"sooooodddeeeeeeee" "yea"

"Sude how much do u miss your comp"
by Uberwhitey March 02, 2008
Top Definition
A word laxers use, that can either mean "it's chill" or is just there to add emphasis to a lax sentence.
"how did your lacrosse game go today?"
"word like sude yo we mad lax"
by wordlikesude May 04, 2010
pernounced- SOO-day

anything asian. chinese gibberish, an asian person, or something you say when you see an asian person.
that sude is very ugly- that asian person is very ugly.

sude!!- someone either noting that they see an asian, or saying it to an asian to try and make them feel uncomfortable.

ping pong sude- making fun of the chinese language
by Jackson S November 12, 2006
abreveation for send nudes
yo sudes
-alright got u with that pussy pic
by Andyroo David May 21, 2016
solitude is long word so I've shortened it into sude that means lonesomeness, solitude
Without a girl I often be in sude but constantly I feel lum and sless. I've got a depression so I try to use medicine, try to drink whisky or moonshine, don't take any of these but I feel so sad and live in sude without any friends nevertheless and suffer without a love :((((((((((
by Andrius M. March 12, 2008
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