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When you have your Seven o-clock shadow at eight o-clock.
wtf man, i just shaved! i gots teh studdie.
by Da_Luv_Bus May 13, 2004

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without definition.something that cant be discribed,good or bad.
"This scene is suddy."
by Tobar the 8th man February 16, 2010
When one is confused about their nationality. Usualy associated with believing that one is azn when one is obviously not.
Maen i just found out today that im actualy curry, i thought all this time i was azn lah.. How Suddy !!
by h5 January 08, 2003
A word given for the psychosis when curries wanna be azn.
Lets go play cs lah.
by LesToth January 06, 2003
a leet cs'er
damn suddy is good :D
by suddy January 08, 2003
When someone is confused of their nationality one is "suddy" .
Shit man... i swear paul used to be curry, but now hes full on azn. How "Suddy" is that
by h5 January 13, 2003
When Pakistani/indians believe they are of asian descent.
My friend has turned suddy
by Dom January 06, 2003