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When Pakistani/indians believe they are of asian descent.
My friend has turned suddy
by Dom January 06, 2003
2 8

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without definition.something that cant be discribed,good or bad.
"This scene is suddy."
by Tobar the 8th man February 16, 2010
3 1
When one is confused about their nationality. Usualy associated with believing that one is azn when one is obviously not.
Maen i just found out today that im actualy curry, i thought all this time i was azn lah.. How Suddy !!
by h5 January 08, 2003
6 7
A word given for the psychosis when curries wanna be azn.
Lets go play cs lah.
by LesToth January 06, 2003
4 6
When you have your Seven o-clock shadow at eight o-clock.
wtf man, i just shaved! i gots teh studdie.
by Da_Luv_Bus May 13, 2004
0 4
a leet cs'er
damn suddy is good :D
by suddy January 08, 2003
3 7
When someone is confused of their nationality one is "suddy" .
Shit man... i swear paul used to be curry, but now hes full on azn. How "Suddy" is that
by h5 January 13, 2003
2 7