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1) Making a sacrifice that sucks.
2) A sacrifice that another knowingly asks of you in order to selfishly take advantage of you, and, which will only benefit the asking party; a situation that asks you to make a sacrifice in which you feel you are unfairly forced or coerced into accepting.
3) Making a hard sacrifice for a frivolous cause that ultimately doesn't pay off in the end; "everything ventured, nothing gained."

variants : -s, suckrificed, suckrificing, suckifrication.
1) "Man!... what a suckrifice my boss is asking me to make THIS time!"
2) "It ain't worth making all these suckrefices for you!"
3) “I see the government is suckrificing us again!"
4) "That's a suckrifice that I won't make!"
5) "Man!... what a suckrification of my time and talents-- and there goes my weekend, too!"
by Juan O'Malley January 02, 2011
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