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A negative name to call someone without actually cursing.
Shut the crap up, you suckbag.
by boohiss August 10, 2003
A variation of the douche bag. From the same family but much more severe. Someone you would enjoy watching get painfully attacked by crazed weasels.
1.The kid in school who would remind the teacher about the homework.
2.The slow witted 18 year old girl who goes 35 in the left lane.
3. Chet from Wierd Science, Dr. Chilton from Silence of the Lambs, or Carrot Top.
4.The sibling/cousin/assface that snitches to your parents when you're smoking pot in your room.
Chet explained to mom and dad the difference between insense and pot smoke...what a suck bag.
by The Devil's Mistress July 06, 2005
The countless coaches that the New York Giants have, without fail, continued to hire for any and every coaching vacancy that may come about. View all recent hirings for reference.

Also see "No talent ass clown".
Great, an open coaching position, lets interview a few more suckbags for the job.
by Mikey Moore January 22, 2007
The plastic lid on a "latte to go" with a spout to drink through without spilling.
Man, my suckbag is leeking..
by Mats Hägglund July 13, 2005
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