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Either a real person or a video game character who is incompitient. Possibily derived from "Black" slang
Eat it Sucka chump!!!
someone who is a SUCKA, in addition to also being a CHUMP. (this applies to both genders, young and old)
Don't be such a sucka chump all your life!
by jaxxrifa June 07, 2011
A chump that is in fact a sucka. See also- S.Joiner, Grady Little
You will find no suckachumps at the playaz lounge
by A Diddy April 06, 2004
a cross between a sucker and a chump.a transparent bullie who messed with the wrong person an got his ass beat.
i got you know suckachump.
by halfbreed September 28, 2005
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