To suck off. Verb.

To transfer data from one computer to your own over a network, by direct file system link or by ftp.
Can you put all the data files on the ftp site and tell me when they are uploaded so I can suck them off.
by kilkrazy January 09, 2005
A combination of "fuck you" and "suck it." When you want somebody to fuck off and suck on it.
Suck Off! I've had it with you.
by ILove 314 January 12, 2007
Another word used by Joel Biju, instead of saying "Fu*k off" Because he doesn't want to swear.
Bully- "Joel, why are you so skinny, you look gay!
Joel- "Suck off! I will bash you"
by Kelvo99 April 18, 2015

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