to make out intensely
I gave my husband some suck face when I got home from work.
by Amy August 10, 2004
someone who is making out/kissing their boyfriend/girlfriend
**sees betty kissing her boyfriend** "Oooh!! Betty is a suck face!!"
#suck #face #kiss #kissing #boyfriend #girlfriend
by C Mermaid February 12, 2007
to kiss someone; kissing
"I saw you sucking face with that new chick at the movies last Friday."
by jodelicious August 10, 2004
A viral disorder in the throat when the poop covered jizz is sucked out of a gay tourists asshole
This one time my friend care got suckface from licking this guys asshole :]
#suckface #care #ass #disease #jizz
by jeremy Bethel January 09, 2007
(variants: chew may replace suck)

to kiss (more jocular than crude)
This kid was sucking face with his girlfriend, right out in the open.
by Light Joker March 12, 2005
To make out with; to kiss passionately.
I almost threw up when I saw two guys sucking face behind a tree.
by FaceJam February 20, 2003
A game where you it make out in the least atractive way possible
"Carson practically devoured Shery's face, they were playing SUCK FACE"
by Eddy October 24, 2004
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