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An insult that means precisely what the phrase implies, that the recipient should find a butt, and suck it.
The pronunciation is slower than one normally speaks, with emphasis on 'butt'.
Me: What up Dan?
Dan: Suck a BUTT.

Me: Nick Cannon so fly, he go school shopping and he buy three school.
Dan: Suck a BUTT.
by Thund3r May 02, 2006
Smoke a cigarette.
It's break time, let's go suck a butt!
by Dash-three October 17, 2010
1. a foolsih person
2. a sucka that smells like ass
whats that funk suckabutt
by andi September 09, 2003
1. a. Used to describe a person who sucks severely.
2. v. The act of sucking profusely.
3. v. The act of not being good at anything.
After Jim called Jake a jerk, Jake replied with, "Well, you... you suckabutt!"
by DaNi x FaNi December 18, 2006
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