An Australian term used for defining gay people.
'Look at that flamin' subwoofer.'
by Faemous August 14, 2014
when one dog barks, then other dogs that hear the barks follow in becomeing more annoying.
when the mail man came my dog started a sub-woofer through my neighbor hood.
by dan188 June 17, 2010
Trunk farter
Dude! Did you hear the subwoofer on that Eldorado? Man, those wheels have some bad gas!
by bytheocean September 23, 2010
The type of device that JL Audio has perfected. Plays the low end of music, also allows you to find/create the loose parts and areas of your car.
This JL Audio 13W7 will allow me to disturb the peace!
by Crazy_C April 27, 2004
a small dog that sits under ur car and barks at strategic moments of the song. usually wired up to an amp and the car battery.
Guy: Yo dawg that subwoofer is the tits.
me: yea i no, its a german sheppard.
guy: Fo'shizzle.
me: you no it.
by captain moose September 22, 2004
Used to describe any person, male or female, who one considers less attractive than a dog.
Taxi driver at 3am referring to an ugly drunk who has thrown up all over the back seat and passed out:

"Got a fully sick subwoofer in the back bro"
by Emelda Marina January 31, 2009
1) A large bass speaker
2) UK slang - A very very ugly bint even worse than a woofer.
No I didn't give her one. She was a complete sub-woofer
by black flag May 30, 2004

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