Top Definition
1. Difficulty perceiving or understanding; complicatedly obfuscated
2. Difficulty seeing because of subtlety; opaque; hidden from plain sight
To try to appeal to both sides, political parties' platforms are increasingly subvious.
by zen-master July 25, 2004
3. Discernable by one entity and not to others.
John's idea was subvious until he explained it in his book.

The Order of Asdirqwerty kept the record of their influence subvious until the time to bring the apocalypse.
by loverphile September 30, 2010
1. Difficultly noticed, discerned or understood. Antonym of obvious.
2. Difficultly seen through due to opaqueness and subtlety.
Only a few insiders noticed the Chairman's subvious scheming.
by Hollow are the Ori May 11, 2006

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