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An individual that makes a situation horrible, someone who cannot possibly help out, a negative luckless person, a minus of life.

Someone who either directly or indirectly kills and maims people, a person that is a general menace of calamitous mishap.
"There's no way we're bringing a subtractor with us; tell Capt. Buzzkill he can stay home and destroy his own life."

"If there is some way we can get them to hire a subtractor, their campaign will be doomed."

History of this definition:
I wrote an article in response to news about doctors stabbing infants with vaccine needles and the infants would soon die. Included was a simple formula to explain the logic of this problem where I referred to the doctor as like a “subtractor” because they minus life either directly or indirectly, and intentionally or haplessly. I decided to define a “subtractor” further to include individuals that people don’t want around because they bring misfortune, screw up lives and are generally useless in a crisis.
by Gama Xul January 23, 2012
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