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Noun-Baby. Unfortunately, some of us out there might have been searching for this word far too long. It's the perfect noun for that roomy of yours who just is actin straight up, sub-par, and you still love the guy for sure, but you feel so inclined to let him know he's...suboomy.
E-Love: Yo Tucky-B, did you take my laundry out of the dryer and leave it to wrinkle on the floor?

A-Sauce: Yeah, my undies were a lil chilly and I needed them warmed up!

E-Love: Why you gotta act all suboomy right now?

A-Sauce: You're right bro, my bad, i'm just gonna put these damp undies back on and you're stuff will be de-wrinkled within the hour...

by e-love March 13, 2008
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