styll means "though"
"how old isz you?"


"you look older styll.."
by LocMamii April 08, 2006
Top Definition slang ... means "though"

t.o alwayz holdin it down .. reppin fo lyfe seen !
"yo da new album aint as good as his first one .. i duno"

"tru it wasn't as gud...but it was hype styll."
by T.O'z FynEsT March 25, 2004
a word meaning "cool", "tight", or "awesome". Most commonly used alone rather than in a contextual sentence.
Bishop - "Dude, we are going to the Tipsy later, you coming?"
DJ - "Hell yeah man, I'll bring the handle!"
Bishop - "Styll. See you there man, text me."
by The Cyan Dart March 04, 2009
the nubest nub of all the nubz
"dam styll got owned by an orc pawn today" "...again?"
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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