to pause in motion and hang with yo' hommies.

I drop and sty wit my friends when the ladies come by.
by Bobster April 08, 2003
Top Definition
Inflammation of the sebaceous gland of they eyelid. Folklore held that one got a sty from urinating upon a public roadway.
My brother was always getting a sty on one or the other of his eyes, but he swore he never peed along the roadside when he was walking home from school.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
short for style
That hat right there has great sty.

That dude has no sty.
by brewstaaa June 24, 2011
Acronym; Speak To You Soon. Usually used in written form.
Hey, I'm a bit busy right now.

by Walha December 14, 2006
A dwelling that is filthy and unsanitary, usually belonging to druggies and dealers who are usually men, but not always.
No, I don't want to "come over to your sty"! I've been sick all week since I went there some clorox dude.
by Stretch from Chitown May 11, 2012
to become a true asshole or jerk
1. Whats with his attitude? He's being a real stys
by nka April 08, 2007
Another name for a cigarette.
John, let's go have a Sty
by Johnny Goges February 21, 2011
sty unwiped asshole
2.a chick who is generally disgusting and dirty
Man, Lauren is totally a sty!
by JacobD April 17, 2006
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