Soapy Tit Wank
In the bath, bird gets tits covered in soap suds and..........
by steve t November 07, 2003
Top Definition
Soapy Tit Wank.
The act of having oneself wanked off between a lady's breasts. There are two versions "North" and "South". The view for the lady is rather poor in the South version.
Lady Guinevere told King Arthur, you shall get your soapy tit wank good Sir, but Southwards, I don't want skid marks on mine stomach.
by Norbert Colon October 21, 2004
"share the wealth" in the warez underground; meaning either that a file is directly accessible from the link ("STW: Final Cut") or used to entice someone to share the files they have.
Come on, man, just stw!
by Tranceraph June 21, 2004
STW means "Spread the Word." This is an informal abbreviation used more in text messaging than in verbal communication.
Party at Charlie's crib tonite. STW.
by Charlie34 July 23, 2009
Smoking That Weed
She was S.T.W last night.
by bernieb13 February 23, 2010
Quite simply, a soapy tit wank.
She gave me an lovely STW last night!
by Primrose Glittery September 02, 2005
In stocking fetish jargon, pantyhose(PH)that is "sheer to waist," no stocking tops, no reinforcing, nothing to break the continuous line of the foot ankle calf knee thigh hip....

It matters if it matters to you. If you have that taste for nylon.
"I'm strictly a STW girl. Sheer to the waist, or nothing at all." (Thanks, LVR!)
by Axel von Auersperg February 10, 2006
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