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1. (n/v) Substitute for any swear word.

2. (verb) Going to note lobsters on runescape.

3. (noun) an idiot
1. Today Rich was acting so immature and so we told him to go eat a stut as we left him to play with his beanie babies.

2. My inventory is full, anyone want to follow for a stut run?

3. The guys were fishing this weekend and Joe brought along his brother-in-law. The guy was such a stut, telling us that we drank too much on the boat. We pushed him off.
#runescape #fishing #cage #lobster #swordfish #idiot #swear #dragon orc53 #pusy bald #lame #gay #stut
by Mr. Stut September 06, 2010
street "slang" for cocaine.
Brian and Donny stayed up for weeks snorting stuts.
#stutz #stutze pie #stoots #stots #stootz
by Snickle Frits November 13, 2009
acting like an asshole
Whoa, did you see how Doug was acting last, night? That was so stut of him.
by Juliana December 17, 2003
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