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A different pronunication of the word stupid. Originally a pronunication of stupid by Dexter in Dexter's Labratory. He repeats "you are stupod, you are stupod" many times.
You are stupod! You are stupod!
by Andy March 21, 2005
Some one who is extremely stupid


someone who is not a good typre
That stupod person is taking up so much time on Boniface's laptop!
by Rrremington February 19, 2007
stupod (stoo - pod)

- synonym for stupid, idiot, fool, of low IQ
If you are reading this now then you are stupod!
by MaskedBrainAvenger December 07, 2009
Derogative term for an iPod, used to describe the device by the growing number of people who have become discontent with their iPod after it breaks from a minor fall, or crashes for no reason or just won't turn on.
Michael: Hey can you bring music to the Greg's party tonight? The dude only listens to 90s dance stuff.

Paul: Aw man, I would, if only my stuPod wasn't on strike again.
by EBDC April 29, 2009
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