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A different pronunication of the word stupid. Originally a pronunication of stupid by Dexter in Dexter's Labratory. He repeats "you are stupod, you are stupod" many times.
You are stupod! You are stupod!
by Andy March 21, 2005
11 4
Some one who is extremely stupid


someone who is not a good typre
That stupod person is taking up so much time on Boniface's laptop!
by Rrremington February 19, 2007
4 1
stupod (stoo - pod)

- synonym for stupid, idiot, fool, of low IQ
If you are reading this now then you are stupod!
by MaskedBrainAvenger December 07, 2009
1 0
Derogative term for an iPod, used to describe the device by the growing number of people who have become discontent with their iPod after it breaks from a minor fall, or crashes for no reason or just won't turn on.
Michael: Hey can you bring music to the Greg's party tonight? The dude only listens to 90s dance stuff.

Paul: Aw man, I would, if only my stuPod wasn't on strike again.
by EBDC April 29, 2009
2 1