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Totally blowed! Usually after smoking too much crack, or mary J for that matter
You done got stupified
by Stupified October 10, 2005
18 37
confused and stupid at the same time
I feel helpless and stupified.
by "B" February 14, 2006
61 13
Confused and stupid at the same time. Sometimes involves starring blankly into the abyss.
Alex Wall is always stupified
by Blake R May 01, 2007
39 17
Being overwhelmed by the stupidity of others.
I felt stupified after only 5min of watching the Kardashians.
by Stupified65 March 07, 2012
9 3
crazy, magnificent, unbelievable, amazing

mind blowing

He has stupified swag
by brew11 January 05, 2009
12 19
a certified idiot
a man fogot his brief inside his girlfriend's panty and he said "im a stupified ever!"
by sk07 March 04, 2009
5 21