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The amateur scientific discipline of observing and reporting the level of stupidity exhibited by individuals in response to stimuli. In recent years, the rise of user-generated content online has driven an upsurge in stupidometry. The practitioners of stupidometry and their subjects frequently engage in heated debate in online forums and the comments sections of popular blogs. The impartial observer will often find it difficult to distinguish between practitioners of stupidometry and their subjects, given the subjective and often overlapping nature of these roles.
Example of enthusiastic stupidometry in response to blog post
Article: iPhone 10 rumours...
A: what a stupid article its pointless
B: No, it's pointless.
A: thats what I said stupid
B: No, that's not what you said. You said "its pointless". Missing apostrophe. Don't call me stupid.
C: Like I can't believe you wasted you're time correcting grammar in the comments dude!
D: well you wasted your time dude lolz, just had to comment didn't ya?
B: And it's "your" not "you're"
C: Anyhoo... android is better and iPhone 10 only for stupid fanbois
by freake February 26, 2014
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