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Stupidified is the stage you reach after been smoking some weed with a friend. After been taking a couple of hits on the joint you sit there and discuss everything and nothing and you don't know why you said some things.
Shannon: What do you mean?
Bobo: Mean what, I'm not mean, I'm nice
Shannon: You said a helicopter can't land upside down
Bobo: Did I? Why can't it land upside down?
Shannon: I don't know
Bobo: What are we talking about, I feel completely stupidified
by Bobo L August 04, 2006
When something baffles you so much that you feel like a total moron.
Steve: "Did you see when Darren Brown predicted the lottery on live TV?"
Rohelio: "Yeah man, that shit left me stupidified!"
by musicfreak36 February 28, 2015
The feeling of having been made to feel Stupid by another person means " stupidified"
oh my god i just got " stupidified ".. i shouldn't have allowed her to make a fool out of me.
by Sandhya udayshankar November 04, 2007
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