pronounced-(stu-pah head)
Calling someone stupid in a funny way (Do it to piss teachers off or if you don't go to school then don't)
Student:The answer is 35
Teacher: Your incorrect it's 362
(you)Johnny:Stupid head!!!
by Peyton_Swain_Smittle April 28, 2010
Crooked-faced butt-monkey with as much reason to live amongst human society as a mosquito.
<Buckle> l00k a7 t3h st0pid h34d!!!1111 l0lz h3r h34d i5 b4çk to =fr0nt!1]
<Juckle> Piss off, Nazi.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 21, 2003
Someone who is really stupid, and kind of not also. Too.
I am not a stupid head, stupid head.
by STOOPID September 15, 2003
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