when a girl can't help but have feeling for a guy she knows is no good for her.

wanting attention from him.. wanting him... getting excited...
stupid girl syndrome : guy isn't relationship material, but girl still gets excited when he talks to her and she wants more but knows it won't work
by nmsweete June 02, 2011
When a girl likes a guy and it makes her anxious and stupid; thus she acts like an awkward, neurotic, giddy idiot who cannot think rationally. It is incurable.

Also known as SGS.
Sitting by your phone, waiting for him to text you, and you find yourself biting your nails, pacing, and texting all your girlfriends asking their opinions as to why it's taken him more than 5 minutes to respond to "Hi." You have stupid girl syndrome.
by SGSsurvivor October 26, 2012

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