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Totally fuckable
Damn bitch u stupid fly, let me pull up to your bumper and smack that monkey
by Putle August 22, 2003
142 30
A woman that is so striking you're dumbfounded in her presence. So fly that you are stupified.
The girl in my Bio class is stupid fly
by Dylan December 22, 2004
43 14
very beautiful, hot
Damn, she's stupid fly.
by Joseph February 21, 2003
32 20
A really cool, cute person.
Damn! Stacey is stupidfly!
by Meisha W. July 31, 2003
10 8
A not very intelligent insect, capable of flying. Not often used by gangsters, (gangsta's).
What a stupid fly, it flew straight into the window!
by steffffff March 08, 2004
36 49