stunt: stupid cunt, a play on words,a more polite way of abusing simple folk when said person does something incredibly stupid.

Drivin down th streeet and some fuckhole t-bones my car, i yell at the driver 'you fucken stunt where the fuck u think u goin' amongst other things
by sphere111 April 13, 2006
Stuntin' can mean many things
1)something unusual done for publicity
2)to hinder the growth or development of
He stuntin while riding in his new Maybach
you stuntin man, give me a call. As if you are hindering a relationship from growing.
by fun girl January 27, 2004
A woman, girl, female, ect. coined in D.I.T.C. song stand stron
"My whole crew puff blunts and fuck stunts "- Big L from the D.I.T.C. song "stand strong
by Jordan February 13, 2005
Stunt is to fight, or have a battle with another clique or group.
"Lets go outside, and I'll teach you how to stunt"
by KTownSTOMP March 22, 2005
Being under the influence of Extacy aka Stunt pills.
Lets go stunt homie how much money you got? (KEEP IT STUNTASTIC HOMIES!)
by Jok3r February 20, 2004
physically or emotionaly beating on someone
hey that bizatch stunted all over you, chump!
by greg the yellow dart norman March 07, 2004
~to do tha damn thing
~got it like dat
~can't be touched
~cool as shyt
Shanae' is the true definition of STUNT
by Shanae' April 17, 2004
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